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Kelp & Alaskan Amber Beer BBQ Sauce

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Barnacle Foods is the maker of this amazing sauce and they have such a cool business! They are based in Juneau Alaska, and make tons of amazing products using the wild bounty of the sea. Most of their products involve kelp in one form or another and this bbq sauce is no exception!

"Alaskan BBQ. A tradition born under northern lights, endless summer days, and beach bonfires. Kelp and Alaskan Amber Beer are the stars of this delicious Alaskan BBQ sauce. We dreamed this one up with our friends down the street at Alaskan Brewing Co.
This BBQ sauce is a song of sea and fire, smoke and beer. Warm, smoky, sweet, and savory. It's a colla-beer-ation of flavor and fun!
Slather on seafood, meat, game, or veggies. Sea meets malty beer in this Amber-infused, simmered-for-your-enjoyment sauce. Throw on the grill for best results"
Size: 12 oz

Ingredients: Alaskan Bull Kelp, Alaskan Amber Beer, Sugar, Tomato Paste*, Agave*, Vinegar*, Molasses*, Liquid Smoke, Salt, Onion Powder*, Tamarind Puree*, Garlic, Mustard Powder*, Black Pepper*, Cayenne*
*Certified Organic

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