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Mini Shrubs Gift Set

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Dirt over on Orcas Island, one of the brands here in the islands that we absolutely love and admire. Their products are so dang tasty and unique, and they do such a great job of capturing island flavors.

"Behold the sweetest lil' sampler pack of 4 of our best selling sweet and sour shrubs, each in a 2oz travel-friendly size. This pack covers the bases for mixing with all of your favorite spirits or creating a festive non-alcoholic option. Bust them out for a fun build-your-own soda/cocktail/ice cream float bar for your next gathering. Our go-to Shrub Cocktail Formula is printed on the side of the carton for extra ease but feel free to go rogue.

Flavors include: Lemon Lavender, Island Pear, Island Plum, & Ruby Spiced Apple

4, 50ml bottles

Handmade on Orcas Island

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