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High Seas Tuna

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This is our all time favorite tuna from some dear friends of ours-High Seas Tuna, based out of Anacortes, Washington. We've done farmers markets with the High Seas folks for years, and after eating their tuna, its really hard to go back to store brands. The taste is just off the charts! We love making tuna fish sandwiches with their tuna and seasoning it with our Dill Pickle Salt or our Lemon Pepper Blend or taking the smokiness to the next level by seasoning their smoked tuna with our Madrona Smoked Pepper Salt Grinder.

Net wt: 5.6 oz (160g). Comes in Regular or Smoked.

"High Seas Tuna Co. uses only sashimi grade troll caught albacore tuna from our own fishing boats. We air blast freeze our fish, keeping them at minus 35F. Our product is hand filleted and hand packed. The lid is then sealed and the can is cooked only once. These young, surface troll caugh albacore are significantly lower in mercury and higher in omega 3 than the larger longline fish used in major brands. Our fishing methods, handling and canning give you the most nutritiously delicious, premium gourmet albacore tuna."

Ingredients of Regular Tuna: Albacore tuna, salt.

Ingredients of Smoked Tuna: Albacore tuna, salt, sugar, spice, natural hardwood smoke

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