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HOSA Dust Chile Rub

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Made by our friends over at Hosa Hot Sauce in Bellingham, and using our sea salt!

From the maker: "DUST is HOT. After we produce our beautiful fermented hot sauces, we’re left with a rich pepper mash. How could we waste all the spiciness, savoriness, and sweetness? We combine, dehydrate, and grind this treasure trove to create DUST. 

After we ferment, blend, and cook our diverse flagship sauces, we’re left with a vigorous mash comprised of all of our locally-grown chiles, a cocktail of flavorful vinegars, salt from the San Juans, a pinch of organic brown sugar, and the mystical umami of fermentation. We unite, dehydrate, and grind this delicious mixture into a uniquely HOSAfied dried chile spice. Carmen peppers, jalapenos, serranos, habaneros, ghost peppers… all those different chiles make DUST sweet, hot, fruity, and smoky all at once. It’s this balanced and beautiful flavor profile that makes DUST the perfect companion or ingredient for just about any dish."

Ingredients: chiles, vinegar, San Juan Island Sea Salt, organic brown sugar 

Net wt: 0.8oz (23 g)

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