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Five Flavor Mustard Gift Set

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Why we love this company: We fell in love with Mustard and Co after spending tons of holiday markets together. They craft all their products in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle and make hands down the best artisan mustards money can buy.

Recommended by Tyler (Head of Product Development): "I'm guilty of usually putting mustards pretty low on my condiment priority list. Once I started trying these guys' products it was like I finally saw the light. So full of flavor. Great poppy texture with the mustard seeds. It's hard to say which jar is my favorite. Truffle goes great on egg sandwiches. Miso is fun on bagels. All of them liven up my favorite summer dish--potato salad. I'm a mustard convert!"

From the maker: "Maybe you have a mustard-lover in your life, and you need to get them a bold gift. Or, maybe, you've browsed all of Mustard and Co.'s flavors and just can't decide on which one to get. Either way, this five-flavor gift set is probably the solution
Each tube includes a variety of five 2.2 oz units from our 9 varieties."

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