5 Minute Smoky + Sweet Desserts!

5 Minute Smoky + Sweet Desserts!

The mix of our Madrona Smoked Sugar and Hot Cakes’s Whiskey Caramel Sauce was a revelation for me; the smoldering smokiness of the sugar perfectly compliments the ridiculously rich flavor of the caramel sauce, which is bitter, nutty, spicy, and so distinctly rye-whiskey. The grown-up flavor profile so easily elevates some of my favorite childhood treats, and that makes both of these super simple recipes my go-to for 5-minute desserts!

Smoky Whiskey Banana Split

Split your banana equally down the middle and layer all the ingredients in a large bowl, beginning with the banana and ice cream, and ending with a pinch of Madrona Smoked Sea Salt. I like to add a small pour of the Orasella cherry juice on top of my vanilla ice cream too, to elevate the spiced flavor! Dig in and serve immediately!

Whiskey Caramel Apple Slices

Cut apples into equal slices. Pour a hearty drizzle of Caramel Whiskey Sauce on top of apples and give them a quick toss, followed by a sprinkle or coating of Madrona Smoked Sugar, and just a pinch of our Madrona Smoked Salt. Serve immediately, so apples stay crunchy and caramel doesn’t become too soft. Voila! A great after-dinner dessert is instantly born!

Let us know which recipe becomes your 5-mintue go-to! What else can you imagine a drizzle of Whiskey Caramel and a sprinkle of Madrona Smoked Salt and Madrona Smoked Sugar instantly elevating? Let us know and stay salty, folks!

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