The Everyday Salt

Natural Sea Salt

Our finest (in terms of crystal size) salt, we've taken the wild crazy large salt crystals that grow naturally in our greenhouse and ground and sifted them to make an ideal size.

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The farmer's favorite

Reserve Sea Salt

These are the delicate small sparkly crystals that are naturally the right size for use, meaning we've never ground them and they retain all their crystal beauty and crunch. As saltmakers this is our favorite salt to use, but it costs more because it makes up such a small part of every harvest.

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The queen

Flake Sea Salt

This is the the queen of the sea salt world. Big beautiful crystals of extreme delicacy that can make a visual impact on your plate without taking a chunk out of a tooth. Commercially however flake salt is made only by boiling seawater which is an incredibly energy intensive process. We've tried a number of different methods of extracting and encouraging flake salt from our solar evaporated salt ponds and we think we may be getting close to being able to produce this reliably in 2023! Check back.

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