New Product!

Madrona Smoked Sugar!

We've taken organic cane sugar and cold smoked it over Madrona wood to make an insanely yummy smoky sweet item!

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We're so happy you're here to check out our offerings from our beautiful corner of this blue green planet!

How is Salt Made?

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Salts and Seasonings

Salts and Seasonings

Find the whole range of our sea salts, flavored salts and blended... 



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Sweet Things

Sweet Things

What good is salty if there is no sweet? 

  • Solar Evaporation

    We use only sunshine and seawater to make our salt, no fans, no heaters, no boiling.

  • Mineral Rich

    Unlike most sea salt makers we leave in the whole mineral spectrum of the sea to make our salt taste wild and briny.

  • Incredible Flavors

    We use our mineral rich sea salt as the base for our wide array of unique seasonings and caramels!

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