Thank you for your interest in buying our products wholesale!

We want you to order in whatever way is best and easiest for you.

Ordering Options:

1) Most of our customers prefer to find us on Faire. If you are new to Faire it is an awesome wholesale ordering platform with countless small brands like ours to shop from. And if you are new and you sign up through our link you will get a $100 credit to shop at our digital storefront there (valid for 7 days after signing up), and free shipping from us for 1 year.

Other perks there are automatic payment of invoices, 60 day terms (compared to 30 days with other methods) and smaller case sizes. In addition we are often offering 10% discounts on first orders on Faire.

2) Use our wholesale website. You will need a passcode we will give you upon emailing us to enter the wholesale site. You can pay there as you order or be billed at Net 30 terms when order ships. 

3) Email us at  wholesale@sanjuanislandseasalt.com

You can also find us on Mable or Abound or Tundra or Puget Sound Food Hub.

Shop Wholesale on Faire