Our Crew

Brady Ryan

Brady is the founder of San Juan Island Sea Salt. Along with his wife Leah and his kids Sawyer and June, he loves making salt! Check out his podcast Happy When Curious!

Favorite Place on San Juan Island: South Beach during a winter storm

Favorite Product of Ours: Popcorn Blend is an addiction.

Fun Fact: He loves early morning runs, the darker the better!

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Leah Wymer

Leah is Brady's wife and is the sweet to Brady's salty. It was her idea that led Brady to try making salt in a greenhouse, and she was there in the early days, labelling jars in the living room! She is now the owner of her own awesome business , Bloom San Juan.

Favorite Product: Popcorn Blend

Favorite Place on SJI: American Camp trails

Fun Fact: Will always be a collegiate soccer player at heart. And thought Brady's name was Tom for a long time when we first met.

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Tyler Ryan

Tyler is employee number 1 and Brady's brother. He is our master of flavors and has come up with the recipe for almost every seasoning we make.

Favorite Product: Madrona Smoked Pepper

Favorite Place on San Juan Island: The Fields above South Beach.

Fun Fact: Tyler makes amazing bean to bar chocolates in his spare time! Find them all here

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Essine Kilpatrick-Boe

Essine is employee number 2, our Operations Manager and is the queen of the warehouse. She manages our shipping crew, manages the production of all our blends and is our main customer sercice person.

Favorite Product of Ours: Kimchi Salt mixed with Popcorn Blend

Favorite Place on San Juan Island: Reuben Tarte Park in the moonlight.

Fun Fact: First ever job was wrapping caramels with SJI Sea Salt

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Ian Nixon

Ian is one hardworking dog. He is the head of all things salt for us. In charge of our harvesting, drying, processing and packaging of our natural salt.

Favorite Product: Reserve Salt and it's beautiful little crystals.

Favorite place on San Juan Island: The West Side at sunset.

Fun Fact: Nickname is Angel.

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Anna Strickland

Anna has been with us for many years in different roles, and is currently in charge of all our email marketing.

Favorite Product: The Daily Grind goes on everything at our house.

Favorite Place on San Juan Island: The South End, love its contrast to the rest of the island

Fun Fact: I have the world's trashiest taste in television but balance it out by reading a ton

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Anna Nelson

Anna has been with us off and on since 2019, wrapping caramels, filling jars, labelling jars and shipping your orders!

Favorite Product: Kimchi Salt

Favorite Place on San Juan Island: Roche Harbor Quarry

Fun Fact: Loves playing video games!

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Beth Haynes

Beth has been our Farmers Market salesperson since 2021 and starting is now the manager at our new brick and mortar store in Friday Harbor!

Favorite Product: Madrona Smoked Pepper

Favorite place on San Juan Island: The little pockets of madrone forests all over the island.

Fun Fact: I was born and raised in Oklahoma, my first ever plane ride was at the age of 23 when I moved to the PNW in pursuit of adventure...and boy-howdy did I find it!

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Lindsay Johnson

Lindsay is Leah's sister and she is our behind the scenes helper, preparing our crew for shipping days.

Favorite Product: Natural Salt because it goes perfectly with EVERYTHING!

Personal Detail: My garden is my happy place.

Favorite spot on the island: Walking through the forest at Jakle’s with my kids.

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Barb Jensen

Barb has been a caramel wrapper for years and in 2021 became the lead of that crew. She does an amazing job of coralling an awesome group of folks who hand wrap 10,000 caramels a week!

Favorite Product: Daily Grind

Favorite Place on San Juan Island: Fir Oak Farm in San Juan Valley

Fun Fact: Birding is my passion and I love to take my friends birding around the county and the PNW.

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Jonna Sanders

Jonna started as a caramel wrapper for us and now helps out in the kitchen filling blends and labelling.

Favorite Product: Madrona Smoked Pepper

Favorite Place on San Juan Island: Zylstra Lake Preserve

Fun fact: I love Bollywood movies and cooking Indian food.

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Hayley Bolstad

Hayley is an awesome part of our warehouse crew, filling and labelling blends and shipping orders!

Favorite place on SJI: Being among the Island Moss, Madrone, and Gary Oak trees.

Favorite Product: I love the Garlic and Friends along with the Seafood and San Juan Blend. Also, a big Yes for yeast on popcorn!!!

Fun fact: Walking stick insects make great pets. However, not much beats creating alongside my two kiddos.

Caramel Wrapping Crew

Once a week a group of about 10 folks join us in our commercial kitchen to hand wrap 10,000 of our Salted Honey Caramels. These folks are the hidden workers of our caramels and they are downright awesome!